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June 3rd, 2016



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One of the all-time best physics-puzzlers (88% Metacritic) finally makes its way to PS4: Art of Balance.

Grab your controller and build a balanced stack in this physics-based puzzler!

Puzzle games must be addictive. This was our top priority during the development of the game. That's why we designed 200 levels, that not only challenge your skills but also your imagination. With its tight controls, Art of Balance is easy to pick up and hard to put away.

The game features trophy-support, multiple offline and online multiplayer modes, to make sure it’s the ultimate test for aspiring puzzle masters. Are you looking for a real challenge? Compete against the best players of the world in the Online Leaderboards.

With a relaxing lounge soundtrack and 8 stunningly beautiful worlds, the game is the ideal fit for a gaming night on your couch with your best friends. Three additional players can join in at any time and help you solve the puzzles.

We included 5 unique and challenging game modes:

  • Arcade Mode
    Rotate and place all available shapes to build a balanced stack. Watch out: Don't let any shape fall into the water!
  • Endurance Mode
    Survive all levels in one session and climb the online leaderboards.
  • Infinity Mode
    The blocks don't stop. Build the highest possible stack.
  • Tower Tumble
    Who will topple the tower first? A multiplayer competition mode for up to 4 players.
  • Swift Stacker
    Challenge a friend at home in a split-screen head-to-head match or simply go online to find a challenger. Who can solve the puzzles faster?
Play the free demo available from June 3rd and experience the ultimate “just one more puzzle” experience for yourself.


  • Play 200 levels spread across 8 worlds, each with its own unique lounge style.
  • Three additional players can join in at any time and help you solve the puzzles.
  • Challenge your friends at home to split-screen matches.
  • Go online and play against other players from all over the world.
  • Show off your stacking skills in the Endurance and Infinity modes.

Supported Controllers

  • DualShock®4

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Shin'en Multimedia GmbH allows for the contents of Art of Balance to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Art of Balance is legally & explicitly allowed by Shin'en Multimedia GmbH.

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Founded in 1999 we at Shin'en aim to provide gamers with the most fun experience possible on any platform we touch. If that gives us a chance to push gaming hardware beyond its limits, even better.

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