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The GAX Sound Engine

GAX was designed as a flexible audio engine with four keyfeatures:
  • adaptable for every aspects in gamesmusic
  • excellent soundquality
  • very low CPU usage
  • very low ROM/RAM usage
Some specs

Using our proprietary music-editor which was designed specifically for our own purposes, we are able to bring you amazing sounds, including the following features:
  • Up to 32 Channels for Music and FX
  • Up to 42 kHz Mixing
  • Very low CPU consumption (11% for standard game configuration*)
  • Very low RAM usage (2 kb for standard game configuration*)
  • Realtime runlength decoding of song data
  • Programmable Wavetabling engine
  • Additional Synthesizing engine
  • Dynamic auto-boost mixer (only active voices are mixed)
  • Programmable and realtime user adjustable FX
  • Supports Jingles, Pause, Resume, adjustable FX/Music Volume
  • Multiplayer link support
  • Adjustable Reverb for Music and/or FX (high quality 3-pass)
  • Adjustable LowPass Filter
  • Realtime high quality speech decompression. Can store upto 60 minutes of speech into 4MB.
*standard game configuration: 6 Channels (4-6 Channels Music, 2 Channels FX), 16 khz Mixing, Synthesizing engine, Programmeable FX, Realtime runlength decoding of song data
Download sample musics

Specifications don't say too much about the actual quality. So judge for yourself about the quality and possibilities of the GAX Sound Engine by downloading some of the following MP3 audio samples:

For any questions regarding the GAX Sound Engine just email to:
Frequently asked questions

  • Is the GAX development system available for sale? No. We only provide music composed for your project bundled with the GAX player.
  • Is there really no way to get hold of the GAX editor and/or replayer? See answer above.
  • We already have some music composed as WAV/MP3/MOD/XM/etc. Is there any way to get this music converted to Game Boy Advance© to benefit from GAX sound system's features? We are able to import a wide variety of existing formats or re-compose audiotracks without any notes or music data.
Copyright Notice

All these audio files above are copyrighted property of Shin'en. It's not allowed to use them (or parts thereof) in any kind of production. It's also forbidden to link directly to the files stored on this server.

quick facts
  GAX Sound Engine
  Game Boy Advance
  Highly adaptive
  Best soundquality
  very low CPU/RAM-usage
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